Will AT&T Wind Up Buying Yahoo!?

Some time ago, before the original attempted takeover of Yahoo! by Microsoft I speculated that AT&T might be interested in buying the company (Yahoo! that is) given their complementary assets and historical partnership. While there would be “culture” issues, AT&T might still get the chance at some point.

On CNBC yesterday Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz indicated (via PaidContent) she would consider selling the company:

A notable exchange during Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz’s rather rowdy appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch today. Moderator: “Is Yahoo better off as a trinket on someone else’s charm bracelet?” Bartz: “A trinket? What are you saying? Yahoo isn’t a trinket. Yahoo is the bracelet.” Moderator: “Would you get taken over? Would you get bought?” Bartz: “Absolutely. Any company at the right price.”

She later clarified that she wasn’t shopping the firm, so it would be “inappropriate” to name that “right price,” although she reiterated that if she had been CEO when Microsoft made its offer she would have taken it.

AT&T is worth $147 billion, while Yahoo!’s market cap is $22 billion.

3 Responses to “Will AT&T Wind Up Buying Yahoo!?”

  1. SEOWebHelp Says:

    That’s the business.
    Speculation at this point may be a little fuzzy, but interesting proposition.

  2. Doug Mehus Says:

    An interesting idea. By the same token, perhaps Canada’s Rogers Communications could buy Yahoo!? Or maybe Comcast or Verizon?


  3. Jerry Says:

    This seems even more compelling now than in 3/2010. Any more insight as to the likelihood o this type of transaction taking place between T and YHOO or another digital content provider?

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