SMB ‘Social Media Presence’ Now at 24%

Facebook recently said that it had 1.5 million active SMB profiles/pages on the site. That’s at least 10% of the addressable SMB market.

In the survey I conducted last year with MerchantCircle we found, among early adopter SMBs, a high degree of social media penetration (at levels above 40%).

EMarketer reports the results of a joint Network Solutions-University of Maryland SMB survey, which asserts that social media usage among SMBs has grown from 12% last year to 24% this year. The base here is very tiny (n=89) and thus the survey results should be received with caution. (The total survey base is 500.) However, directionally, the results are consistent with our data and other data in the market:

Among the 24% who responded that they use some form of social media, here’s the breakdown:

  • A company page on a social networking site (75 percent)
  • Posting status updates or articles of interest on social media sites (69 percent)
  • Building a network through a site like LinkedIn (57 percent)
  • Monitoring feedback about the business (54 percent)
  • Maintaining a blog (39 percent)
  • Tweeting about areas of expertise (26 percent)
  • Using Twitter as a service channel (16 percent)

Also in the report, the breakdown of marketing methods used by these respondents:

  • Print advertising: 37% (yp, newspaper)
  • Email marketing: 24%
  • Social media marketing: 19%
  • Telephone sales: 18%
  • Direct mail: 17%
  • Broadcast advertising: 14% (TV and radio)

The “social media marketing” figure (19%) in the list immediately above seems to contradict the headline that 24% of SMBs are using social media. The apparent difference is that 24% refers to “social media presence” vs. “social media marketing” — a more active category.

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