Google May Have Patented Geotargeting

Google has been awarded a patent entitled “Determining and/or using location information in an ad system” that has very broad implications for PC and mobile advertising.

While we all now take geo-targeting today for granted, back when this Google patent application was filed in April, 2004 it wasn’t as common. Dare I say it: Google may have just patented geo-targeting.

The rest of this post is at SEL.

3 Responses to “Google May Have Patented Geotargeting”

  1. Mike Ramsey Says:

    wow. That could get interesting real fast. I look forward to more information.

  2. Has Google Just Patented Geo-Targeting? | TechnoKlix Says:

    […] Screenwerk – Google May Have Patented Geotargeting […]

  3. Matthew Hunt Says:

    For some reason that does not surprise me at all!

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