Centro Debuts Media-Buying Platform ‘Transis’

This has been in the works for a very long time . . . now Centro is rolling out a comprehensive digital media buying platform that automates and centralizes media buying and planning. The tool/platform is called Transis.

The company says it will overcome digital media fragmentation and enable media buyers to “easily access 100 percent of all digital media opportunities including Web sites, networks, portals, social media, mobile and video.”

That’s quite a claim. A range of other benefits are outlined in the release.

If it works as advertised it makes exchanges (with their “non-premium” inventory) unnecessary . . . Here’s the promotional video:

Again, if the system performs it’s a radical leap forward and makes Centro hugely more valuable as a company.

6 Responses to “Centro Debuts Media-Buying Platform ‘Transis’”

  1. Jeff @ Local.com Says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever be down for systems like this. I was cool when DIY PPC came in because there really was no wiggle room, it was all market. But when it comes to things like Display, I feel like there should always be that bargaining element between the client and the rep that needs a little more discussion than what appears to be ordering a sandwich.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Haven’t been in the back end so I don’t know how it works.

  3. Media Strategist Says:

    I like that ‘ordering a sandwich line’ – great way to put it. That being said, not sure if you cycled through the demo, but seems like they are able to contain the negotiation elements of the RFP within the tool. Pretty slick if it is legit.

  4. Shawn Riegsecker Says:


    Thanks for the comment and we totally agree with you. In fact, the point of Transis is to automate the mundane, low-value, repetitive and transactional processes between buyers and sellers. By virtue of this automation, it frees up a significant amount of time between buyers and sellers to actually spend time together in the “bargaining element” or, even better, the creative and strategic element our industry is lacking today.

    Because of the inefficiency in our industry, the majority of everyone’s time is spent in low-value activities with very little time for strategic thought and interaction. Transis changes this.

    Initial comparisons show anywhere from a 30% to 69% (based on complexity of campaign) decrease in time spent planning for the media buyer. That allows them to have more conversations, work with more sellers, launch bigger ideas and spend more time with their clients.

    We agree with you. Let’s automate all the transactional work so people can, once again, work together in a meaningful way.

    Shawn Riegsecker

  5. Rob Leathern Says:

    @Shawn: This seems very cool. As an industry we need things that automate the mundane tasks and spreadsheets don’t cut it and are not scaleable. I think this can work nicely along with a set of buying and adserving tools that something like CPMatic offers. Will you guys have APIs etc to push and pull data out of?

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