Dex Offers App for Android

The new Dex Android app was announced today. For my money it’s less interesting than the iPhone version previously launched. The most interesting new feature (vs. the iPhone app) is the ability to “purchase tickets directly through the mobile app.”

However, the company’s iPhone app is more fun and creative with its Urbanspoon-like wheel of fortune.

Over at Internet2Go we just published a new report about how “geo-social games” (e.g., Foursquare) may be changing the expectations and culture surrounding local mobile search. The doc is clients only but here’s the bottom line:

Media companies and publishers in the local segment must take a careful look at this emerging phenomenon and figure out how to smartly respond in one or more of the ways discussed above. They should not, however, dismiss it as a fad or something exclusively for college students or “geeks” and early adopters. That same type of bemusement and scorn were the prevailing attitudes that also greeted Twitter when it first launched.

The point in bringing up is to illustrate how rapidly the landscape may be shifting in mobile. As Yelp has done publishers will need to incorporate some of the features being popularized in these apps. But they also need to be selective and careful. There are also opportunities to partner as well (e.g., Citysearch-MyTown).


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