Winery Uses Twitter to Push 4Square Mayor Race

Andrew Shotland tweeted about California winery Wente Vineyards using Twitter to encourage people to become the “mayor” of its tasting room on FourSquare:

But where’s the incentive? Free case of wine? That’s the missing piece here.


3 Responses to “Winery Uses Twitter to Push 4Square Mayor Race”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    While an incentive would have been good, I think they were going after the local foursquare user looking for something to do on a Saturday and hoping this would give them an excuse to come over. Certainly better than nothing.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Probably so. But the case of wine or something similar would have juiced (so to speak) the solicitation.

  3. Will Scott Says:

    I agree with you, Greg, that the incentive would’ve helped.

    Furthermore, it would have increased the likelihood of the “ask” going viral. It’s not very tweetable as-is.

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