Yodle Organic Product Shows Industry Direction

A couple of weeks ago Yodle announced the roll out of an SEO/organic product offering. The cost is $400 per month in addition to any SEM and related spending the advertiser is doing with the company.

Yodle sees this as a complement to its more traditional paid search and network distribution offerings but one that takes longer to show results. As a consequence all the contracts are six months in duration to allow for it to develop and show value to the advertiser.

Yodle Organic involves “on” and “off page” SEO but it’s broader than those terms suggest, providing (sales bullets):

  • Personalized consultation with a dedicated marketing specialist to optimize a site for organic search rankings
  • Website designing and coding with search engine prescribed best practices
  • Video creation and syndication to sites such as YouTube, Metacafe and others
  • Custom content creation and syndication across the web
  • Distribution of a local business profile to Google, Yahoo and Bing and over 75 local search sites and directories.
  • 24/7 access to a performance dashboard that measures progress against goals and much more

Here are a couple of dashboard screens provided by Yodle:

It’s a pretty complete (and transparent) view of traffic. Here are a couple of details from these pages that are interesting, and will presumably be interesting to some of the more engaged clients:

In the pie chart immediately above “direct” means direct navigation to the site and “referring” means the Yodle network of sites beyond search.

There are a lot of screens and tabs, although Yodle’s been thoughtful about how information is presented and about educating the business using the dashboard. I was told by a Yodle competitor that only “5% of SMBs log in to their accounts.” Clearly Yodle will want to drive people to engage with this product, although a good part of the value of the Organic service involves human consultation.

The company is optimizing for a limited keyword set for each client, which expands over time.

I was on with Court Cunningham and sales VP Mike DeLuca discussing the product last week and I asserted that products like this and reputation management/social media tools that don’t require specific media buys are very useful not only in delivering valuable information and services to SMBs but they potentially offer higher margins and are “weapons against churn.”

In general the entire local market is evolving from a pure search and directory focus to a host of services that include things like “data monitoring,” reputation management, CRM and social media optimization in addition to search network distribution.

This appears to me to be a very solid product and one that makes Yodle’s services more valuable.


Any SEOs with more “technical” insight want to discuss?

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  1. Tom Crandall Says:

    Yodle is well positioned to provide SEO services but there is a gaping whole in their offering. One in every thirteen Google searches displays a map. Google changed the SEO game for SMB’s when they started displaying local business results for both branded and non-branded keyword sets.

    My clients are seeing a tremendous amount of organic traffic for locations that rank well in the Google 7-Pack (3-Pack for branded searches). Local SEO’s worth their salt know what it takes, and roughly how long it takes, to get prominent visibility in local business results for their clients.

    Outside of local business results there resides a great organic opportunity in targeted, long(er) tail searches. For example, searching Google, you will be presented with local business results for the keyword set “moving company,” but not for the keyword sets “moving company coupons” or “moving company coupons Dallas,” both of which are highly targeted, high-converting keyword sets.

    Yodle’s organic dashboard provides enough information to create the “wow” factor without confusing SMB’s. And Greg, I agree with you that there is an opportunity to strengthen the offering with rep management (a la Marchex), CRM, and social media.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Tom. Would you agree with the statement then that “local SEO is now about the 7 pack”?

  3. Tom Crandall Says:

    Not entirely, but it has become the biggest piece of the organic pie for local search.

  4. Andrew Beckman Says:

    You would think for a $2,400.00 investment over 6 months on a SMB site will take probably take a few hours to completely optimize for SEO, link building services would be included

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  6. David Says:

    The comment about 1 in every 13 searches has a map is an interesting one that I did not know about. I have been trying to work on the SEO for http://www.betterbid.com and am finding it quite difficult. I am sure that is contributing to the issue. Ill keep plugging away though. Thanks for the article and comments.

  7. Bryan Fikes Says:

    I am fearful that Yodle offering a limited exposure and associating inexpensive monthly fees will spread a reputation that local SEO is cheap. Yodle does well with other SEM platforms, will be interesting to watch their growth in SEO. Small business owners are single track individuals and again I fear that they will associate limited offers as complete offers and providing minimal SEO tactics will ingrain that all SEO should be cheap.

  8. Greg Sterling Says:

    Their position is that SEO is inflated. But their SEO efforts are for a limited set of keywords.

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  10. Alexrat Says:

    I dfinitely believe in the statement “local search engine optimization is now about the 7 pack”

  11. Carol Williams Says:

    Nice program, i was thinking why google has not made something like this google analytics take 24 hours to update and i would rather have something real time.

  12. Destin Says:

    Local search only kicks in when the search term has a local element ie. plumber etc.. If the search was for a book on plumbing repairs, local results would not come into play.

  13. Nino Piombo Says:

    Ladies and Gentleman, this right here was a great find. I too did not know about google displaying maps one in every thirteen searches.I am always looking to enhance my SEO knowledge, and this was very helpful. Thanks.

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