What’s Wrong with Search?

Occasionally I run into search results pages that seem to capture what’s wrong with search. This morning is a case-in-point.

I was trying to find video of Eric Schmidt’s keynote at the Mobile World Congress. The “Mobile World Live” site (that was supposed to show it) just “blows,” to use the vernacular. So I was looking for alternatives. And here were the results of my query just 20 minutes ago for “eric schmidt keynote” (click to enlarge):

Most of the results were blogs or sites trying to capture AdSense clicks by excerpting a paragraph and an image from the Engadget story (with a link back), the only one with any real content. The other substantive results were older keynotes (two YouTube thumbnails and a TechCrunch piece). Of 10 or so links above the fold the majority were essentially spam.

This is back to the days of the travel affiliate sites.

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