Social Network Users Older than You Think

Royal Pingdom offers a nice breakdown of the ages of the users of the various social networks. Here’s the “average” list:

  • Average social network user is 37.
  • Average LinkedIn user is 44.
  • Average Twitter user is 39.
  • Average Facebook user is 38.
  • Average MySpace user is 31.
  • Average Bebo user is 28.

The largest age category across the social networking spectrum is 35-44. The data are from Google’s AdPlanner, which is based on estimates.


4 Responses to “Social Network Users Older than You Think”

  1. Social Network Users Older than You Think « Screenwerk | NetworksLinks Says:

    […] See the article here: Social Network Users Older than You Think « Screenwerk […]

  2. Shubham Says:

    I mean how could that be.
    Older people are outnumbering the new ones.
    Its a surprisingly new fact for me..

  3. Ad News and Views from Around the Web « Yahoo! Advertising Blog Says:

    […] Church social:  SM users older than you think Greg Sterling of Screenwerk points to a survey by Royal Pingdom that indicates social media users are older than often thought, with the average being a creaking 37. At 44, LinkedIn users are practically ancient. Consider that when thinking about advertising on “the Facebooks.” […]

  4. Marketing For Nerds Says:

    Ages of social network users…

    Ages of social network users | Royal Pingdom How old is the average Twitter or Facebook user? What about all the other social network sites, like MySpace, LinkedIn, and so on? How is age distributed across the millions and millions of social network us…

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