MSFT Adds More Advanced Features to Bing Maps

Microsoft demo’d some very cool advanced Bing Maps features at the Ted conference. Though it’s under my byline Danny Sullivan (who is there) describes what they are:

  • Flickr “app” in Bing Maps StreetSide (answer to Street View)
  • Bing sky imagery when you “look up”
  • “Floating” video in Bing Maps (most impressive, see the SEL piece)

Here’s a demo of the Flickr integration:

These things are “way cool” but will regular folks use them?


5 Responses to “MSFT Adds More Advanced Features to Bing Maps”

  1. Pc Optimizer 360 - Free Software, Shareware Downloads and More Says:

    […] MSFT Adds More Advanced Features to Bing Maps « Screenwerk […]

  2. Nolo DeFrancis Says:

    Google is indexing the world while Microsoft is indexing the sky?

  3. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    I love where all this map stuff is going. You can critique the stepping stones as more interesting than useful, but our kids will never remember a world where you couldn’t plug in a location into any connected device and be instantly transported to a VR world with location data seamlessly integrated.

  4. A big week in technology = a big week in real estate | 1000Watt Consulting Says:

    […] Bing maps and Google maps integrate Flickr. The Google Maps API was a foundational component of online real estate’s second wave of innovation. Now you can mix all its power with Flickr, the flexible and powerful photo sharing service. Think about this: You’re looking at a street view photo a house; layered on top of that view is a photo or photos showing you interior shots. Or, say you want to display a photo guide to a neighborhood on your site. Super easy, super cool. This makes me think of an idea I had a couple years ago, Zulia. […]

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    […]MSFT Adds More Advanced Features to Bing Maps « Screenwerk[…]…

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