At Borrell Conference, Are You?

I’m at the Borrell Local conference in New York today and tomorrow. This morning I’ll be on the podium setting the stage for Matthew Berk to discuss and demo the Marchex reputation management offering.

Tomorrow I’ll be leading a panel called “Tapping Key Categories: SEO, Paid Search, Directories.” We’ll be talking about three areas: product, distribution and sales. What do all these things look like today and how might or must they change to drive more value and less churn?

If you’re there/here, let me know.

3 Responses to “At Borrell Conference, Are You?”

  1. Ben Saren Says:

    Yup! On the Acela now, see you in a bit.

  2. Tom Crandall Says:


    Regarding the Marchex Reputation Management program; It would be a giant leap forward if they could add functionality to monitor the local business reviews of several locations (for national brands) on just one view, time-stamped and sortable. Please relay this request…

  3. Greg Sterling Says:


    Just did. Thanks

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