How Do Newspapers Feel about the HotJobs Sale?

The original and central element of the Yahoo!-newspaper consortium was the HotJobs property. This was the core content and asset around which the “network” and consortium was built. It grew over time to include other properties and capabilities (search, ad serving/targeting). But now that Yahoo! is selling/outsourcing HotJobs to Monster how do the newspapers feel about it?

Here’s what the Monster press release says specifically about newspapers:

With the addition of HotJobs’s network of more than 600 daily and weekly newspapers, Monster’s alliances with local papers will grow to a total of approximately 1,000, giving Monster reach in all 50 states. The additional newspaper alliances, through their online and print classified ads, will further Monster’s current strategy of connecting job seekers with smaller, local businesses, particularly in healthcare, education, and skilled and hourly job categories.

Yahoo! will continue to manage its broader Newspaper Consortium (NPC) partnership, including providing both search and display advertising, content distribution, and its ad-serving platform, to newspapers in its NPC.

I don’t know whether or to what extent there was any consultation with them about this transaction. Do you think the newspapers care? Ought to care?

4 Responses to “How Do Newspapers Feel about the HotJobs Sale?”

  1. Kyle Kazak Says:

    Newspapers should always care about news like this. They are loosing market share every day these online job boards and recruiting companies are expanding. owns a ton of niche job boards (ex. then they funnel the people into their larger model. They have sites like that for dozens of verticals.

    Newspapers can either try to beat them or join them, and as you can see some odd 1,000 have already joined.

  2. Ron Welby Says:

    Gregg like your stuff. But the URL you used to measure HotJobs againest Monster other portals in a recent search engine article is way incorrect. You should have used

    The graph will look a lot different. You should correct that as soon as you can.


  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    You’re right. Thanks for the catch.

  4. Ron Welby Says:

    Check this out.

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