Ads Enter the Google ‘7-Pack’

It doesn’t in any way affect a local business ranking in the so-called “7 pack” or on the subsequent Google Maps page. However Google is introducing a new local business ad (”enhanced listings“) that allows a business to stand out with an “enhanced” presence on the map or in the map-related listings on the SERP.

It permits local businesses to call attention to something they want to highlight to their customers and/or prospects: a menu, a coupon, a video, for example.

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7 Responses to “Ads Enter the Google ‘7-Pack’”

  1. earlpearl Says:

    Those should be eye grabbers. G maps at the top of the page already sucks the volume out of organic traffic. That is a great way for the entries in the 7 pac to grab more attention and for google to (suck)/earn some money out of smbs.

    Google has been on a consistent effort to get smbs to pay attention to the local business center. Likewise, the prevailing perspective from seo’s that focus on local is that demand is hot these days from small businesses.

    As for me….its video’s all the way!!!

  2. Mike Ramsey Says:

    Nice write up…I am excited to see what other advertising ideas google can come up with and even more excited to see which one sticks. Man, this is a great monday for your blog.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Mike: Thanks, yes very interesting.

    I’ll be curious Dave to see how they work for you (once you can start to use)

  4. Joe Says:

    I’ve said all along that the local packs are simply a way for google to convert organic to paid listings straight down the vertical line. (Fair enough; they’re a business.) But, to my mind, how long before a new entrant does to google what google did to everyone else, or what craigslist did to newspaper classifieds? Google seems to slowly but surely becoming a very sketchy place to get arbitrary and objective information or data based on value and that does not come with a price attached, which eventually has to get people thinking about its credibility, no?

  5. Google’s Enhanced Local Listings | Kyle Kazak Says:

    […] Sterling posted yesterday about Ads Entering the Google ‘7-Pack’. These ads are actually called Enhanced Listings that Google is now featuring in the map pack.  […]

  6. Hermann Hohenberger Says:

    Thanks for this information. I think that Google is pushing on developing simple flat advertising-models for lokal SMB’s. It would be nice if one could get feedbacks on how these ads perform. Adwords is great and teaches advertisers to concentrate on target keywords and conversion-rates. I doubt that these new ads are as successful…

  7. Bob Costello Says:

    Yes, I’m getting lots of calls from ‘local’ clients wanting to be there….I thought the trick was to use the zip code of the city center (downtown) and be ranked ‘A’…does that still work ?

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