Tapping the Growing Local-Social Opportunity

Everyone in one way or another is thinking about how to “work” social media: advertisers, publishers and consumers (to a degree). Along those lines, I wrote a high-level “why you need to be involved in social media” article for the Yodle blog recently:

The numbers are compelling. US teens spend roughly 25% of all their online time on social networks according to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. And among social networks, as most people know, Facebook is dominant. The site has 350 million users worldwide and more than 130 million in the US. 

One day in the very near future Facebook is likely to supplant Yahoo one of the top two Internet destinations, the other being Google. US Internet users spend just over six hours a month on the site. And roughly half of all Facebook users visit the site daily or multiple times a day. 

There are also more than 70 million Facebook users who regularly access the site on a mobile device as well. 

Twitter has also seen tremendous growth and adoption over the past year. While it’s far behind Facebook in terms of overall numbers there are almost 20 million Twitter users in the US and about 50 million globally (per Nielsen and comScore). Every day there are nearly 28 million “tweets” around the world. 

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