Star Ratings in Ads: Check This Out

Somebody sent me this screenshot this afternoon. I couldn’t reproduce it or find a similar one myself:

Google is trying lots of things to make text ads richer and more interesting to users. But this is something I haven’t seen before.


4 Responses to “Star Ratings in Ads: Check This Out”

  1. David Mihm Says:

    Greg, this makes no sense to me…why would the click be going to GriffinsAutoRepair but showing Yelp reviews? Unless the business owner who is paying for the ad somehow deliberately chooses to display his Yelp rating…? I could understand if Yelp were the destination URL that was being advertised…but this kind of thing would require a DEEP level of integration not only between Adwords and Yelp, but presumably Adwords and Yelp AND the LBC…I can’t imagine Yelp is working that closely with G?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree it’s very strange. Haven’t asked Google for comment

  3. Jeff @ Says:

    That is trippy… Griffin Auto does have links to Yelp on their home page (along with a few others). I wonder if it’s as simple as Google just recognizing certain links, like Yelp, and then using the RDF formatting that is already found on those pages?

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