YPG Buys Restaurant Vertical

Canada’s Yellow Pages Group added to its “portfolio” of sites by buying restaurant directory Restaurantica. The site operates in the US, Canada and, curiously, Barbados.

If the benefits of this acquisition for YPG aren’t obvious, here they are:

  • Restaurants are a high usage, low revenue category for print publishers.
  • They’re a very high usage category online and in mobile; the site already has an iPhone app.
  • The reviews content collected here can also be “distributed” on YPG’s YP site as well as its city guide (if desired)
  • This gives sales reps something specifically to sell to restaurant owners (which can include video)

In an ideal world, YP publishers would think of themselves as “local holding companies” and would make a bunch of acquisitions like this that could address high value verticals and could be developed into stand alone brands.

Publishers need to continue to enhance and improve their YP “flagship” sites but also move beyond them with homegrown alternatives that address different use cases and demographic segments, as well as acquisitions. AT&T Interactive’s forthcoming Buzz.com is a potential example of the former. Restaurantica is an example, obviously, of the latter.

What I want to know is: Where is the local site targeted toward moms?  Right now Center’d is probably the closest version of that.

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