Twitter ‘Local Trends’ As ‘SEO’ Tool

As was reported late last week and today by Barry Schwartz at SEL, Twitter has launched “local trends,” which break down and reflect trending topics on Twitter regionally and by city. Here’s a screen capture by Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media:

What it shows is different topics trending in different cities/areas. It doesn’t show up for everyone yet, including me. For example, after yesterday the trends in Minnesota and New Orleans I’d imagine would be quite different.

This is very interesting of course, as Twitter becomes more “geo-sensitive,” but what will it mean at a practical level?

There’s an SEO strategy not-too-buried in here of course. And if Local Trends can be filtered at an even more “granular” local level that would be really interesting (i.e., zip, neighborhood). Indeed, as Local Trends rolls out it becomes a potentially effective way for a range of local businesses, local publishers and media companies, event promoters, and so on, to gain exposure and help people discover things in their areas.

Imagine a compelling deal at the local level, retweeted multiple times to become a trending topic in a particular area. I think there are many such possibilities like this. So rather than simply “narrowcasting” to a list of followers and hoping that they in turn promote the offer or event to their lists, Local Trends becomes a discovery tool for local users more broadly and a potentially effective marketing tool for sellers and publishers of various stripes, as mentioned.

We might also see this (Local Trends) picked up by Google for even more, traditional SEO value; we’ll see.

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  1. SEO Services Clearwater Says:

    I see how this could really play into SEO but only if your optimizing a website that has fresh and changing content every day or week. But most small business websites are not that type of site so I don’t see this really helping them out that much.

  2. Chris Yoko Says:

    The way search engines have incorporated real time search, it is only a matter of time until those results are built into the local search functions as well. That will have a big impact on local business, in terms of not only SEO, but reviews, chatter and more.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Agree and in some ways it has greater relevance at the local level than the national level

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  5. Maneet Puri Says:

    I have just blogged about the possible SEO benefits of Twitter Local Trends. I guess it would have phenomenal marketing and even advertising benefits for local businesses and the linkes…

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  7. MyDailyguide Says:

    Yup!! Twitter local trends will surely a big hit to marketers.

  8. gary Says:


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