Mobile Coupons Webinar: Valpak, Shooger

Deals, coupons and offers are hugely popular with consumers and very effective for both new customer acquisition and loyalty. Indeed, coupons (broadly defined) is one of the few types of mobile advertising that consumers say they’re actually interested in.

Every company/publisher in local and mobile needs to figure out whether and/or how coupons, offers and deals fit into their consumer and advertiser strategies. That’s partly why Internet2Go is doing a free webinar about mobile coupons.

It happens on February 3 at 1pm Eastern/10 Pacific/9pm GMT.

The speakers will be ValPak and Shooger. I’ll present an overview of the “space” and discuss some broad trends. ValPak and Shooger will discuss consumer behavior and what they’re seeing in the market with the move to mobile. They’ll also discuss small business advertiser attitudes and issues.

ValPak is a veteran of the local-SMB couponing/direct mail space. Shooger launched as an iPhone app but also operates an SMS platform for ongoing loyalty marketing.

Should be a great session. And it’s free. Register here.


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