Jivox Adds Interactive Widgets to Video Ads

Video ad platform provider Jivox put out to two releases today, one details the company’s growth and various milestones over the past year. Among the verbatim highlights from that release: 

  • Rapid adoption of video ad platform: Jivox is now being used by over thirty media groups to offer online video ads to their clients, including 8 of the top 50 media companies in the U.S. and 3 of the top 4 newspaper groups.
  • Expanded distribution network: Jivox now offers advertisers distribution to over 1,000 web sites, growing the reach of its network to 85 million unique monthly visitors.
  • Larger brand advertisers: Building on the success of its service for smaller advertisers, Jivox is now delivering campaigns for many large brand advertisers, including AAA Insurance, General Motors, Nokia, Microsoft, HP, Wienerschnitzel, Sony and Samsung.

More important and interesting is the material from the second release: 

Jivox, the leading provider of interactive video ad technology for online media companies and advertisers, today introduced custom interactivity features in the platform that turn online video ads into interactive applications to drive user engagement and direct response. Using Jivox, creative agencies and advertisers can now add their own custom Flash or HTML applets to video ads so that users can interact with the ad without ever leaving the player. Jivox has also extended the interactivity available in Jivox’ in-banner video ads to in-stream video ads. Media companies will now be able to embed Jivox’s “in-stream ad plug-in” into a content player to easily serve a video ad in-stream, with full interactive and analytic capabilities.

What this means is that third party agencies and advertisers can plug-in their own code/widgets on top of video ad units. Here’s what it looks like on an ad for Roundtable Pizza:

These modules or widgets make online video ads much more social and/or interactive in obvious ways. This is also a “quick and dirty” way to localize online video advertising: take a national TV ad and cut it for online, then add a store locator and local coupons, etc.

Eventually we’ll probably see this functionality on TV itself. And certainly next up for these units is mobile. Social engagement platform AgendiZe also has the ability to layer interactive widgets on top of display or video ads as well.

I spoke with Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney on Friday about a number of things including the company’s ad network, which is apparently doing well. That ad network was the original differentiating feature for Jivox, which launched at a time when there were seemingly dozens of online video competitors focused on the SMB market. Since then a few companies have fallen away or behind and others have emerged as leaders. In that latter group I would place Jivox, Mixpo, SpotMixer, Turn Here and Spotzer (not in any particular order). 

Just as Mixpo has moved away from an exclusive focus on SMBs, so has Jivox (as the release bullets above show) and the company is now working with a range of national advertisers.

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