Survey: Consumers Want Deals & Local Data

Thanks to Todd Leiser of ValPak for pointing to a recent IBM global survey (n=32K) about consumer shopping (ultimately being used to pitch IBM’s consulting services).

Here are the very high level findings:

  • 79 percent [of consumers] want to use websites to access and print coupons
  • 75 percent want to use mobile phones to find out where the nearest store is located
  • 66 percent want to see what goods are in stock before going into the store

Digital coupons have experienced dramatic growth in the past 12-18 months. That is now extending into mobile.

The second datapoint: most people want to use their handsets to find the nearest store is already a reality. The open questions surround how to get better and more recent data into the system. Case-in-point: I went to look at an exercise bike a few days ago to discover upon my arrival that the store had closed. Google Maps showed the store. And unfortunately the telephone number (which I called to confirm the store was open) forwarded to another of the chain’s locations. There was no disclosure over the phone that the store I thought I was calling was in fact another store entirely in a different location.

The final point about local story inventory is also in process.

People want to see what’s in stock before making a trip to the store. Krillion, Milo, NearbyNow, ShopLocal, TheFind and Google have this data or are working on it to varying degrees. In three years this will be extremely common data pushed out to the Internet and mobile Web as well.

These findings also hint at the fact that consumers will use the PC and smartphones in tandem and in complementary ways in different use cases.

If you want to learn more about coupons and mobile couponing in particular, register for the Internet2Go free webinar on mobile coupons.


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