EggZack Promises ‘Post Once’ Marketing

Last week a new SMB marketing platform launched: EggZack. The concept is familiar, publish once gain exposure/distribution across the Internet.

Universal Business Listing and vFlyer are examples of the same concept executed in distinct ways. Indeed, all the SMB marketing channels are doing a version of this “network” model now.

For its part EggZack promises distribution to a wide range of outlets:

Pricing is very inexpensive: $39 or $69 per month. There are also analytics. The question is: does it work?

For EggZack the issue is SMB advertiser acquisition (as well as larger entities copying the functionality). The company faces the same challenges all players in this segment do: building awareness and credibility among SMB advertisers.

4 Responses to “EggZack Promises ‘Post Once’ Marketing”

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  2. marcelo antelo Says:

    I have look around their site and I must be missing something on it, but it just look like a web design company trying to reinvent itself with a kind of Joomla. Boring.

  3. Rick Morrison Says:

    Marcelo, this isn’t the case at all. While we have some features similar to a CMS (like the ability to manage and host websites), there is a lot more. It’s primarily a broadcasting platform, so when an SMB posts an event we get it to all their social networks, email lists, online newspapers (like, online event calendars (like Eventful), local newspapers, and more. It’s more of a marketing platform than a CMS.

    -Rick (rvm at the domain in question)

  4. Cj Says:

    I love t he site. As a small business owner I can post my updates, articles, blogs and news in one site and it feeds twitter, blog, FB and linked in…cuts the time needed to be everywhere down. AND it manages my contacts.

    I can also get instant feedback with the stats to see what strikes a chord with my readers.

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