Local.com Launches Events Site

I can’t tell if this is totally new, but it appears to be: Local.com has launched an events site:

This provides a new dimension to the service and new ad inventory. I haven’t spoken to Local.com so I don’t know if there’s a partnership behind this or these data are being crawled.  (Update: commenter below says this is Eventful data.)


2 Responses to “Local.com Launches Events Site”

  1. Sam Zell Says:

    it is eventful data. not many people know, but eventful will private label their feed. just compare to eventful and you will see source.

    cheers. off to ride my motorcycle and ponder what other dying industry i can bankrupt.

  2. Lost Remote | Briefs: MSN Local, NBC lineup, Local.com Says:

    […] (PaidContent) – NBC unveils new 10 p.m. lineup, including Jerry Seinfeld production (NY Times) – Looks like Local.com has launched a local events section (Screenwerk) AKPC_IDS += […]

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