‘Hyper-Local’ Sites Need HL Ad Nets

Even though I was one of the original users of the term “hyper-local” I’m now an opponent of the phase. But those sites that are focused on communities and neighborhoods need monetization that does a better job for them than AdSense. One approach is Cox-owned Adify, which allows the creation of custom or vertical ad networks. Adify is the back-end and infrastructure behind SLOAN: Sacramento Local Online Ad Network and other similar networks. According to the press release put out last month:

Developed in conjunction with Adify, a vertical ad network platform, SLOAN is currently creating agreements with several local publishers. To date it includes The Sacramento Press, The Rancho Cordova Post, Gold River Online, Elk Grove Online, SacMix, The Sac Rag, Sacramento365.com, Myfolsom.com and The Tomato Pages Network and is growing.

While SLOAN will provide support and a new revenue channel to independent, online publishers, each online publisher will have total control over its ad campaigns. Accepting or opting out of ads is completely at the discretion of each individual publisher and websites will remain autonomous. In addition, readers will not see any changes in the content or the in-depth coverage and focus their communities receive from the publisher. SLOAN was also designed so advertisers can take advantage of SLOAN’s reach and targeted audiences.

This is a model that can and should be replicated by other collections of local sites.

Mark Potts reminds me that GrowthSpur is out there building local ad networks too. 


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  1. Leif Welch Says:

    Yes, this is a great way for local properties (traditional and new media alike) to aggregate audience quickly with minimal investment. If anyone has any questions about the SLOAN deal, ask me — I’m the one who cut the partnership deal on behalf of Adify, and I’m happy to discuss the general concept in more detail.

  2. Steve Cissel Says:

    Thanks for the post.

    Let’s chat.
    Shoot me at inquire@10-20media.com

  3. Justin Carder, Neighborlogs Says:

    Some of the best innovation is coming in smaller packages. You can buy an ad across 15 different local sites here on the http://neighborlogs.com Seattle network. The Next Door Media network brings together another half dozen or so sites. The scale is different than how some think of networks. And, refreshingly, so is the quality. Will somebody come along to connect this quality at a larger scale? Haven’t seen it yet.

  4. mosayyaz Says:

    Adify have been around for a good few years, I would have thought they may have developed further in this space. I remember speaking to Rick Vorhaus about this when he asked about it’s potential. It has taken the likes of Greg and other industry voices along with the undeniable facts that adsense does not deliver the revenue levels required by community sites to grow and improve. With the advancements in tracking and ROI measurement I hope the volume myth can be finally put to bed. Community sites can offer a high quality and engaged audience to local brands.

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