Oodle Makes Classifieds More Social, Zillow Grows

Oodle should probably be on someone’s acquisition short list. The site is the largest independent “horizontal” player after Craigslist in the classifieds space. The company has deals with Facebook, MySpace, AOL and many other large Internet brands.

Today the company announced deeper integration of Twitter and Facebook as distribution tools. According to CEO Craig Donato’s blog post:

When you post a listing through Oodle, they not only appear in over 200 Oodle powered marketplaces (including Oodle.com and Facebook Marketplace) – they are published in your social streams on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter giving your friends and followers the scoop on what you’re selling or what you’re looking for.

As users “connect” with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, your identity on Oodle also evolves. Your public identity on these social networks becomes tied to your listings. People get to see the person behind the listings before choosing to meet them, providing a cleaner-well-lit environment to make a handshake.

This latter statement, about getting to “see the person behind the listings” is a point that Craig Donato has been making for some time.

I would upload a screenshot, but WordPress doesn’t seem to be letting me right now. Here’s my post on Facebook Marketplace (powered by Oodle).

Meanwhile Zillow announced some growth milestones amid the uncertainty of 2009:

  • 37 percent year-over-year growth in page views in 2009.
  • 3.9 million for-sale, rental and Make Me Move listings are posted on Zillow today, up 43 percent year-over-year, as the result of more listings feed partnerships with brokerages and Multiple Listings Services.
  • In December 2009 Zillow launched Rental Listings and Search, enabling anyone to post a home for rent on Zillow, and giving home shoppers the option to search both homes for sale and homes for rent. Nearly one million of Zillow’s monthly visitors are exclusively renters, with countless others searching both types of homes simultaneously.
  • The Zillow iPhone App has been downloaded more than 870,000 times since its launch in April 2009, quickly making it the most popular real estate app on the iPhone. Over 2 million homes are viewed on the app each month. Additionally, O’Reilly Media named the Zillow iPhone App “Best App for Real Estate” and a “top pick.”
  • Consumers submitted 550,000 loan requests on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace in 2009. Of those requests, 46 percent, or 253,300 were for refinance loans as mortgage rates reached record lows in 2009. Lenders responded with more than 10 million custom loan quotes during this same period. To date, more than 7,000 lender ratings and reviews have been submitted by borrowers.
  • 171 U.S. newspapers began using Zillow’s search and listings technology to power their real estate Web sites in 2009, including The Tampa TribuneSeattle Post-Intelligencer and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

5 Responses to “Oodle Makes Classifieds More Social, Zillow Grows”

  1. Lorin Says:

    Is Oodle bigger than OLX? I thought OLX was the largest “horizontal” player in the classifieds space after CL. And 3rd may be the eBay family of sites (kijiji, gumtree, etc…)

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    You may be correct in terms of the two as destination sites. But i think the combined traffic at the Oodle network is going to be larger.

  3. Pat Lazure Says:

    Hey Greg – we recently integrated Zillow into WikiCity & so far so good. Very cool company. Although we’ve opted for Kaango for our classified marketplace, the same could be said for Oodle. Donato’s description of the social piece is intriguing.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Hey Pat Hope all is well

  5. myspa classifieds Says:

    Lorin, You may be correct in terms of the two as destination sites. But i think the combined traffic at the Oodle network is going to be larger.

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