Idearc Emerges from Chp.11 As ‘SuperMedia’

Idearc has emerged from bankruptcy with a new board and a new name: SuperMedia. Here’s what the release says:

Idearc Inc. today announced that it has changed its name to SuperMedia Inc. (the “Company” or “SuperMedia”). The new name symbolizes SuperMedia’s renewed focus on providing outstanding products including the SuperYellowPages®,® and SuperpagesDirect™ direct mail products as well as services, such as the SuperGuarantee SM and SuperTradeExchange® Programs, to its clients and consumers nationwide.

“Our new name symbolizes the rebirth of our company and along with it the ability to continue to deliver innovative ways that will change the way in which we help match buyers with sellers”

SuperMedia’s shares trade on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol “SPMD” and the Company will take part in Opening Bell ceremonies on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 . . .

The name change follows the Company’s emergence from a reorganization that reduced its total debt from more than $9 billion to $2.75 billion of secured bank debt. The Company’s Plan of Reorganization (the “Plan”) became effective on December 31, 2009.

I’m scheduled to talk to CEO Scott Klein this morning. I’m wondering to what extent the company still considers itself a yellow pages publisher or whether it sees itself as a different animal. Yellow pages is just one of several options showcased on the new site:

The company probably did just over $2.2 billion in FY2009, with about 12.5% of that associated with the Internet.


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  1. Mike Stewart Says:

    Klein has focused on a multi-platform sales model. He is planning on bundling print, smlocal (ppc offering) and direct mail. I agree that unless the company seriously restructure its internet offering, the best chance it has to stop the hemorrhaging from the print yellow pages is “SuperMenu Bundles”.

    Anxious to hear what you find out in the interview. Please also discover what happened to Briggs, Laver, and Henjum. Also ask why Scott is on the BOD.

    -Does the company plan more apps?
    -Do they plan to enter the SEO space?
    -Are they going to offer the same pay per call program that they offer CMR’s and agencies to local SMBs?
    -Are media reps now considered “SuperMedia Media Consultants”?
    -What is going on with the pension, stock, and credit policy lawsuits? I assume the bankruptcy has now offered a new form of “Protection?”

    I am sure I can come up with a few other questions……

    Can I join you on the interview Greg?

    Happy New Year!
    Mike Stewart

  2. Zachary Says:

    This is interesting news. Having worked for a large YP company I hope for positive changes to come from this industry. I still wish their was a “minority report” style yellow pages where the pages display on a wall or table and your fingers literally do the walking ; )

    I wish them the best in their new endeavors. And I especially hope it’s not the same ol’ reactive method of doing business.

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