Location Will Be Everywhere

Without diving into the technical side of things (which I would bungle anyway), what’s becoming clear is that everything will be geo-tagged or otherwise capable of being tied to place in one way or another: products, services, businesses, comments/reviews and, of course, people.

So will ads and offers . . .

Yahoo was an early pioneer with Fire Eagle (followed by Google with Gears with geolocation) but others have moved in including the company Twitter just bought MixerLabs. There’s SimpleGeo and others (maybe Facebook) that will provide location or geocoding to content.

The geotagging of all this content and the ability to associate people on mobile devices with places, other people and content will be radical in terms of how we use and consume Internet content and (potentially) interact with others. Most of this will, not surprisingly, play out in a mobile context.

It really feels to me — beyond the fact that everything is accelerating — that we’re entering a new period of Internet development and evolution, coinciding with the cloud and the rise of smartphones (maybe connected tablets too).

As Google’s Vic Gundotra said the other day, “We’re at the beginning of the beginning” of a new era of computing.

It’s really pretty clear that mobile devices, ubiquitous connectivity (which is coming) and data in the cloud are going to make computing and mobile Internet-based computing look very different in a few years than they do today. And location will be a big part of everything — finally.

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  1. Collin holmes Says:

    Very insightful. It brings up even more thoughts on behavioral targeting since every piece of content you create can be tagged with location as well. Every photo you take, the location of when and what you search for, products you search for, places you travel to, events you attend. As long as you’re logged in (which most people are as a default), then we can create a demo profile. The profiling can be very detailed. We explored some of this at v-enable, but in Google’s hands this is very powerful. How long will consumers continue to unknowingly exchange their privacy for free ad based service? Personally, if you’re going to send me an ad I’d prefer something that I am interested in.

  2. Ian Gertler Says:

    Absolutely agree with you Collin. As always, Greg’s perspective is spot on – the mobile environment is the catalyst for a more innovative and impactful transformation than the mainstream Internet was back in the 90s through today. It’s a direct connection to people – from business to personal, work to family, social media to all mediums. And yes … if I am going to be served with ads, I’d much rather that they were focused on my needs and wants. The future looks more exciting each day and the best is yet to come!

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