MapQuest Adds Content via Citysearch

I noticed Citysearch content on MapQuest before but now the MapQuest blog formally announces a deal:

Now you’ll find more than 700,000 new and informative business listings nationwide in popular search categories such as restaurants, hotels, shopping, spas, bars, clubs and more through our partnership with Citysearch. In addition to more listings, you’ll also find greater editorial content for each business including restaurant menus, coupons and special offers, business hours, and customer ratings and reviews, so you can search, research, and of course, get a map or directions to get there.

Recently MapQuest added street-level photography with “360 View.” The company has also added food-bank icons to the map for the holidays.


One Response to “MapQuest Adds Content via Citysearch”

  1. Jeff Greenwald Says:

    The Citysearch content was announced previously in August of 2008 (by me LOL).

    They probably just added the non-paid content (finally!). At first MapQuest was just showing the advertisers, but Citysearch had a lot of editorial on non-advertisers that were not being shown back then.


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