WhitePages Bringing Social Media into Results

WhitePages.com announced that it would be integrating publicly available social media profiles into people search results:

[T]oday WhitePages (www.whitepages.com) announced that it will incorporate public social media profiles from Facebook and Twitter into its people search service.  Now, in addition to traditional contact information like phone numbers and addresses, a people search on WhitePages will also provide consumers with direct links to select matching Facebook and Twitter user pages . . .

Today’s announcement is a preview of how social networking data will eventually be incorporated throughout the entire WhitePages site.  By the middle of next year, WhitePages expects to significantly expand the number of social listings, and add social networking account information to existing work and residential listings where relevant.  Consumers can also add links to their social media profiles on their own by taking advantage of WhitePages’ recently launched editing capability.

Here’s my Twitter profile on WhitePages:

Arguably WhitePages.com has been in this realm forever but is moving aggressively to make itself more relevant to the Facebook era. Success is not guaranteed by any means. The company will need comprehensive data but also to create an improved user experience vs. what exists today. Among others, 123People will try and give WhitePages.com a run for its money.


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