Global Survey: 13% Willing to Pay for Content

The WSJ used survey firm used GFK to poll consumers in 15 EU contries, Turkey and the US about Internet behavior and attitudes. Here’s how the results came out when people were asked about advertising vs. subscriptions/paid content attitudes (click to enlarge graphic):

Source: WSJ/GFK

Thirteen percent said they would pay and, perhaps not surprisingly, 33% said that “all Internent content should be free, without advertising.”

One Response to “Global Survey: 13% Willing to Pay for Content”

  1. Damian Rollison Says:

    Surely this comes as no surprise — I wonder if Hulu’s corporate sponsors are listening, or more importantly, whether Rupert Murdoch is listening. On the other hand, I’m a little shocked at the naivete of the 33% who think all content should be free of advertising. Just about everything that comes to mind when I think of “internet content” is funded by advertising.

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