Newspapers OK — Elsewhere

MediaPost rounds up some World Assn. of Newspapers data that shows print is healthy in the developing world, and Japan (which is very interesting). Here are the bullets from around the globe:

  • Globally, 1.9 billion people choose to read a newspaper every day, or 34% of the world population, while 24% use the internet.
  • The biggest newspaper market in the world is India, with 107 million daily sales. India, China and Japan account for more than 60% of the world’s newspaper sales, with the USA taking 14%.
  • In terms of sales per 1,000 adult population, Japan leads the world with 612, followed by Norway with 576, and Finland with 482. In terms of reach, 91% of Japanese continue to read a newspaper daily, remarkable in such a technologically advanced and wired society.
  • Advertising revenues fell an estimated 20% in North America, 19% in eastern Europe, 16% in western Europe, and 11% in the Asia Pacific in 2009, according to PwC.
  • The US market has been hardest hit, with advertising revenues in the third quarter of 2009 falling nearly 29% in print and nearly 17% on digital platforms over the same quarter in 2008. But revenue declines mirror declines in other industries.

I’ll speculate that the culture of Japan as well as the Scandinavian countries appears to be a bit of a brake on the corrosive effect of the Internet on print readership. It’s not clear that one country’s experience can be applied to another for this reason.

The broader European market, which had formerly been seen as resisting the US pattern of print decline, is now suffering the same trends.

4 Responses to “Newspapers OK — Elsewhere”

  1. Bob Fichtner Says:

    Do you think newspapers, magazine, etc. could exist using a “free” (ad supported only) model? Kind of like broadcast TV versus cable. If they gave content away, would enough people consume it (along with the corresponding ads) to make up for the lost subscription fees via ad revenue?

  2. zpineslt Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I invite you to read the latest work we are conducting with major newspaper groups (in the US) to go back to the basics of their business model in growing revenues and connecting buyers and sellers. The strategy we have outlined at and it is executed through the suite of tools that we call LivePlatform ( – name could be better.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Bob: If you’re talking print some papers have moved to free. One of the major tabloids in the UK just did so. I don’t know the data on readership off the top of my head. But my sense is that it wouldn’t work across the board.

  4. herretoej Says:

    Newspaper data you provided here is really unknown to me. Thank you for publishing it here. I thought US holds maximum % of sales but its really unpredictable that Eastern provinces claims most of the sales. 91% of Japanese read Newspaper daily – great. Your posting is very useful for me.

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