Google QR-Decal PlacePage ‘Hijacked’

Barry Schwartz, who runs web design and development firm RustyBrick in New York, received one of the Google “Favorite Places” decals. When he went to scan the QR, after having framed it, it brought up the wrong PlacePage — one associated with a nearby restaurant rather than his business.

The headline of the story he wrote says the decal was “hijacked” but Google probably just got the association/coding wrong.

I wonder how widespread these errors were. Does this qualify as QR code spam?

Update: Barry sent me this note a moment ago:

Just spoke to Google.  Even though it is in their recommended QR scanners list, He told me not to use the BeeTagg scanner and try QuickMark for iPhone or Barcode Scanner for Android.  Both worked correctly.

Apparently the problem was not a bug on Google’s end.


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