Vistaprint Sees More SMB Online Movement

Some new data out today from Vistaprint that reflects more movement toward online marketing among SMBs. Survey was online with 300 SMBs (presumably customers or site visitors of Vistaprint). Here’s the respondent base:

  • 300 individuals are represented in the Small Business Survey: 54% male / 46% female; 73% of respondents are over 45 years old
  • Of the total sample, 56% work for a business with only one employee; 35% with 2-10 employees; 9% with 10+ employees
  • The mean company size in the 2-10 employees segment is 4 employees; mean in the 10+ employee segment is 33 employees.
  • Respondents’ small businesses are 13 years old, on average

Small sample but terrific and directionally accurate data. Here are some excerpts. You can click to enlarge any of the individual charts. (The entire survey presentation is on slideshare.)

SMBs with websites (their average number is 38%):

Marketing used: present, past and future:

Marketing methods used more during the recession:

The following is perhaps the most interesting of all . . .

Time vs. money — where would you put resources if you had more of them:

These respondents would put more money into websites and TV (and direct mail), while email, social media and websites win in the time category (other than “none of the above”).

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