Localeze Steps Up Data Updates

Local data provider and content management platform Localeze is now starting to deliver updates to its 85 partners on a weekly basis — “one step closer to real time,” reads the press release. The company’s competitors update on a monthly or less frequent cycle.

As people are increasingly whipped into a frenzy by the concept of “real time” this move should gain notice and interest. But more importantly more frequent updates should improve the accuracy and quality of the database for publishers and end users.   

And rather than simply being a “data provider” Localeze has moved to become a “content management” partner for businesses with multiple locations. While it manages data for multiple-location businesses, Localeze gets SMB data and updates from partners which it then syndicates to its entire network.

There are many interesting and creative things coming out of Localeze and I’ve been told more are on the immediate horizon.


4 Responses to “Localeze Steps Up Data Updates”

  1. David Mihm Says:

    Good news for all involved in Local Search — hopefully we’ll see this type of responsiveness for one-location SMB’s soon, too!

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    David: We never spoke about your enterprise launch. Need to do that.

  3. patientscout Says:

    I use Localeze almost every day for my clients. I am glad to hear that they are almost streaming their data now. Hopefully this will lower the amount of time it takes their content partners to update their directories and lists.

    P.S. Now all we need is infoUSA and Acxiom to jump on this band wagon.

  4. holmesonlocal Says:

    The other big challenge I found were the local search providers who often only update their databases monthly or even worse, quarterly! This is often because many of the data providers price accordingly and the more updates you receive from them, the more it cost. Certainly that’s reasonable from a business aspect, but more difficult to drive true accuracy for all.

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