Favorite Places: SMBs, Local & Mobile

Google is using a range of strategies to engage local, small businesses and get them to claim and update their information through the Local Business Center (LBC). In a provocative new effort, Google has identified 100,000 “Favorite Places” based on “how many times Google users looked for more information about those businesses.” Right now this is US only but Google intends to expand the program to other geographies over time.

As a key part of the overall effort and promotion, Google has sent out physical window decals to these 100,000 businesses for them to display in their windows (bet that they will). Similar to many of the familiar “best of” or “winner of” stickers that one sees in local restaurant windows, these decals contain something extra: a QR barcode that links the physical sticker to the mobile version of the Place Page on Google associated with that business.

Picture 33

The rest of this post is at Search Engine Land.  And here’s more from the Google Blog


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