Reuters: Friendster Gets an Exit

The site that (sort of) started the social networking craze — which came out of online dating — is Friendster. Reportedly the company turned down $30 million to sell to Google in 2003. The rest is history: technical problems and other issues plagued the site, which gave way to MySpace, which itself is now struggling to reinvent itself in the wake of Facebook’s ascent.

Reuters is reporting that Friendster will now be sold for in excess of $100 million to an undisclosed Asian buyer. The site raised just over $45 million in four funding rounds.

Most of Friendster’s usage and traffic is in Asia so this makes sense. Globally it has roughly 23 million visitors. In the US the numbers are quite low however:

3 Responses to “Reuters: Friendster Gets an Exit”

  1. Asianboy Says:

    I dont think you would understand unless you are an Asian or living in Asia or in the internet business in Asia. With the right buyer, it might gets a 2nd chance and make gives facebook a run for its money.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks. I do “get” that the site is very successful in certain Asian markets — hence the sale.

  3. When Money’s on the Table, Take It « Screenwerk Says:

    […] site raised just over $45 million in four funding rounds. It famously turned down an early $30 million offer from Google and apparently there were some $100 million-plus offers last […]

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