Is about to Take a Nosedive?

When I look up definitions or check my spelling I usually search Google for the word in question and then click the “definition” link in the upper right of the SERP (ignoring the myriad organic links on the main part of the page):

But when I did that earlier today (not for “haberdasher”) I noticed that the usual source,, had been replaced by Google’s own dictionary: has lots of traffic and offers a range of features/services, but this development is probably going to have a material impact on its traffic:

I don’t know when or why this change occurred but it’s not good (and could be very bad) news for the site, which is public.


Speculation: This may be tied into the new, improved Google Translate features announced today.

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  3. Gil Reich Says:

    Hey Greg,
    I’m VP of Product Management at I’m glad you enjoyed using Google’s definition link to get to our site. I hope you go to directly now!

    But don’t worry too much about us. We greatly appreciated that Google valued our site enough to direct this traffic to us for the past 5 years. But as our community Q&A site has grown, the definition link became just 5% of our traffic. Also, we announced this upcoming change to our investors in our conference call and public filings last month (Google was kind enough to give up a heads up).

    More complete answer here

  4. Greg Sterling Says:


    Glad that you won’t be hurt. But to be honest my only contact with the site is through that link. Accordingly I probably won’t be going to the site otherwise. I find the site cluttered and too filled with ads. But good luck

  5. chandan Says:

    it just tell us to don’t rely too much on google traffic.

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