Droid Is for Rad Dudes Only

A new Droid commercial goes after the iPhone as a kind of “digitally clueless princess” — a pretty but superficial device. Clearly the audience here is young men and dudes who want “rad” devices that “shred” the mobile Internet.

These TV ads seem to be trying to create an image of a tough, fast phone vs. the fluffy and impliedly weak iPhone. The commercial is borderline offensive in some respects; its subtext is not that far away from suggesting that the iPhone “is gay.”

Now I didn’t spend a ton of time with the Droid device but I did hold it and use it. It struck me as a better Android OS but I was unimpressed by the device and the design in particular (given all the hype). Overall it’s inferior to the iPhone in most respects (save the Google Navigation and multi-tasking). The Droid industrial design is also inferior to the Pre, which I own but don’t really like.

Verizon’s massive marketing campaign has driven sales of nearly a million units. But I find it fascinating that, like a political campaign (via commercials like this) Verizon is trying to define its opponent with labels and names — however false they may be.


Update: Perhaps we should call it “the Penis Phone” . . . but these ads do seem resonating with men apparently, according to this YouGov survey:

7 Responses to “Droid Is for Rad Dudes Only”

  1. sanjiv sanghvi Says:

    not that different than the mac campaign against windows if you stop and think about it.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    You’re exactly right about that. Is it karma then for Apple?

  3. Jeff Greenwald Says:

    I think the Mac “attack” ads are more funny than negative. This one is just kind of mean spirited mud slinging negative. I liked their other commercials where they focused on what the phone did rather than what my iPhone doesn’t.

  4. ross Says:

    Not the same, in Apple ads the PC is quite likable. John Hodgman, the actor, is very popular. Whose heard of the Mac actor?

    This ad is garish and violent IMHO. And yes, anti-gay, too. Kind of desperate?

    Probably alienates a good 49% of the population, or more.

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  6. Marlys Etienne Says:


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