Is PagesJaunes Doing Better than Yahoo?

I was in a meeting today with some folks in Montreal and I was told that Pages Jaunes (France) saw approximately 44% of its revenue coming from online. I was then told that the company has more online revenue that Yahoo! in Europe.

If it’s true it’s pretty remarkable. Can anyone verify. I’m in the airport so I can’t check further at this time.

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  1. simonbaptist Says:

    Here’s some more on the Pages Jaunes data (nothing on comparison vs Y!).

    First 9 months of 2009: Internet revenues up 8.4% to E371.7 million (42.9% of total Group revenues)

  2. simonbaptist Says:

    Found some Yahoo! numbers but nothing specific on Europe. I did a rough analysis and from my perspective it does look very possible that Pages Jaune have more European online revenue than Y!.

    From the Q3 2009 Earning reported 20/10/09 (

    Revenues excluding TAC – International (USD)
    Q1 Q2 Q3 YTD
    258.5 274.5 283.0 816.2

    Approx in Euro: 540.1

    So, assuming 50% of that is from Europe then Y! approximately earnt 2009 YTD: €270.0.

    For Y! to equal PJ that % of International (which is ROW outside of US) would have to be close to 70%, which is unlikely.

    Interesting. Has me now wondering the same for other big European players.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Simon.

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