YouTube and Hulu’s Rise

In the US Hulu is now the number two video site after YouTube. This reflects the divide between UGC video and “network” or professional video. YouTube has all kinds of jewels as well as lots of crap (although it’s trying to move toward Hulu), whereas people go to Hulu for “catch up” (DVR) TV and to see clips from shows they know and like already.

Considering the competition that existed when Hulu arrived, Hulu’s rise is impressive. And a paid model is coming. 


2 Responses to “YouTube and Hulu’s Rise”

  1. Ben saren Says:

    I love Hulu. I use Hulu desktop quite often to catch up on 30 Rock, Family Guy and others. Really a great app and service. And free. I don’t even mind the very brief commercials.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I’m amazed that there were all these competitors and Hulu has exceeded them. Partly the user experience quality and partly the selection of content. It offers a similar value prop as YT: comprehensiveness for the professional stuff.

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