Google’s Local (Mobile) Coupon Move

Google’s going to include coupons in mobile distribution of local business information on Place Pages. I’ve written up the announcement on Internet2Go:

Google has had a big opportunity in local coupons that it has largely neglected perhaps until now. But now Google is making a push into mobile distribution of local coupons for small businesses.

According to the Google LatLong blog, when local businesses create coupons through the Google Local Business Center those offers will be shown automatically on Place Pages for local businesses accessed via mobile devices (smartphones). Accordingly, just like paid-search ads, mobile coupon distribution is an opt-out according to the FAQs on the site . . .

Google could have “owned” the online coupon space but it has failed to be very aggressive in this area for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, although there’s no revenue that flows as a result of coupon creation by local businesses.

Now, recognizing that mobile users are interested in deals, Google is doing mobile distribution of local business coupons. It has to get the businesses to create them in the first place (still something of a challenge) but the PC-mobile distribution will surely raise the profile of coupons at Google.

And consumers are very clearly interested in mobile offers. Here’s data from a recent Compete survey of 970 US smartphone users (but there’s much more like this), which reflects their interest in offers or coupons on the go:


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