What’s New in Local-Mobile? Flook

Over at Internet2Go I’ve written briefly about Flook a new “location browser” for the iPhone. Not augmented reality it uses the camera and geotagging to enable users to create “cards” that discuss and describe places and things of interest at specific locations. It’s “StumbleUpon for the real world.”

The emphasis here isn’t on “search” but on discovery. There are challenges and limitations but I applaud its creativity and relative simplicity. Monetization scenarios are relatively straightforward from a conceptual standpoint.

Anyway . . . take a look and tell me what you think. It’s in the iTunes store now.


2 Responses to “What’s New in Local-Mobile? Flook”

  1. ‘What’s Happening?’: Twitter’s Geo-API Will Be ‘Huge’ « Screenwerk Says:

    […] With appropriate controls and filters Twitter becomes more viable as a “local search engine.” Right now there’s too much noise. To date some of the apps that have tried to use Twitter data have located Twitter users on maps or augmented reality apps; now the tweets and content itself will be capable of being located and can help “annotate” places (see Flook).  […]

  2. Alex Watt Says:

    I agree there is way too much noise, and since the noise is only going to increase I think apps like Flook’s are a good way forwards. I’d like to see more ‘geo-wiki’s’ if that’s what you’d call them, of like minded people leaving and editing tags for each other.

    With that in mind – this might amuse you (apologies for the link):


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