Vistaprint Now in the SEO Business

Vistaprint is now offering landing/profile pages to SMBs and submission to search engines and directory sites. From the release this morning:

With no technical expertise required, Vistaprint’s Online Search Profiles take minutes to create and are distributed to over 100 search engines including Google Maps, Yahoo Local and Consistent listing data entered into many trusted search engines helps increase a business’ local online search ranking, potentially surpassing the listings of competing businesses. In addition to an increased online presence, business profiles are also published in a special Vistaprint directory for further exposure.

So how much does this cost? It’s $3 per month or $36 per year. It’s pretty much a no brainer. And Vistaprint is relatively “trusted” by its customers; there is a brand of sorts there.

I always forget about Vistaprint as an SMB sales channel. However, the company claims “relationships” with eight (8) million SMBs. Compare that with 3.2ish million YP advertisers and 3 to 6 million (depending on how you count) million SMBs tied into Intuit products.

Think about a potential not-too-distant future where SMBs use some combination of the following as their marketing:

  • Extremely cheap “paid inclusion” offerings like this
  • Their own website or Twitter/FB/Place Page/blog as substitute
  • Subscription reputation management product/tools that also offer data accuracy monitoring (e.g., Marchex, GetListed)

Beyond a simple presence, more savvy SMBs may also independently “work” Facebook, Twitter and maybe one or two other social media sites (Yelp). Mobile distribution is provided by the online entities they deal with already so they don’t really have to think about that too much.

Though quickly and crudely formulated on my part, some version of the above scenario is probably the future of SMB marketing. Traditional media is certainly in the mix too but perhaps for only selected strata of SMBs. To sell traditional media, it will need to be performance-based or have to be part of a bundle that includes digital (much like print + online newspaper subscription bundling becomes a way to retain print subs). The smaller and budget conscious will probably cut more expensive traditional media products altogether.


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  1. Todd Mintz Says:

    I would use WalMart’s SEO services before I’d use VistaPrint’s…

  2. Says:

    everybody will soon be “charging” to put you in front of their customers, especially in a directory format. At some point this will filter out to the most important ones (aka – the ones people use) but until then its a fairly cheap legit link

  3. Business Blog Says:

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  4. Collin Holmes Says:

    I would add some sort of system (I hate to say CRM) that allows businesses to communicate with potential new and current customers. As they become more comfortable in this new digital world, they will likely have a need to have a single system to manage their customer communications, publish offers, and resolve customer issues. Ideally, this could be a system that is a single interface including email, publishing on their site, and across their social profiles. There are a few vendors like marchex and smblive that may be pursuing this type of system. The challenge will be building such a complex system that is user friendly and has a low cost that an SMB can afford and/or justify.

  5. Angus Thomson Says:

    Your quick sketch of paid inclusion + web site / fan page + reputation management is where we see SMB early adopters heading as well. To Collin’s point, the key is helping the average SMB owner/marketer manage all this complexity. We see a lot of, “I know this [listings, Twitter, email marketing, etc.] will help my [bakery, yoga studio, running store], but I am afraid of all the stuff I will have to do in addition to really “running” my business.” A dead-simple system (CRM – but not as we know it today) will be essential to mass adoption of the combo that Greg outlines above. Highly automated, single 360 view, great mobile UI. We have several toes in the water on this…

  6. Greg Sterling Says:


    Let’s discuss further

  7. Jack Says:

    If built correctly, the profile pages also make the base for VistaPrint’s own directory as well. Again, if built correctly the profile pages should also help their clients be found much easier. Easy to see why it would be a no brainer, again, if built correctly. I am assuming it is, as VistaPrint is not in the business of screwing something like this up.

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  9. search consultants Says:

    I have always bought my business cards from them and the service is very good with plenty of free things. It’s a good move by them because this is certainly going to be taken up by their huge customer base, including me!

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