What Medium Is ‘Most Trusted’ in Local?

This morning comes a post from TMPDM, citing a Forrester consumer survey about trust and media. In the survey YP comes out on top:

This is Q3 data. It’s tough to see but the order goes:

  • YP (assume people interpreted to mean print)
  • Newspaper ads
  • In store display ads
  • Consumer reviews/opinions
  • Magazine ads
  • TV
  • Direct mail
  • Radio
  • Email
  • Etc.

Compare the 2008 OPA-Jupiter study (n=2,069):

The above is a little “apples to oranges” because the choices are limited to online media. And now for Nielsen:

This study was global and had more than 25K respondents, whereas the other data is US only.

Clearly there are significant variations in the rankings. How would you account for them beyond the reasons I already provided?


7 Responses to “What Medium Is ‘Most Trusted’ in Local?”

  1. Tom Crandall Says:

    Many studies are agenda driven similar to political polling. Would you agree?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    That’s certainly one way to explain it: different questions yield different results

  3. Mike Bunnell Says:

    “People can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.”

    – Homer Simpson

  4. Ben Saren Says:

    “90 percent of putts that are short don’t go in”

    – Yogi Berra

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    Nice Ben.

  6. holmesonlocal Says:

    I agree that the format/tone of the question and the overall intention of the survey are key factors. The dominant factor that local advertising (yellow, np, and reviews) has over national advertising (TV, Mags, Web and banner ads) is very interesting. That certainly illustrates and reiterates the value of local advertising for small businesses and a good indicator for some as to where they should spend they’re money. This will be great to share with them. Thx.

  7. deadskater Says:

    Interesting read, thanks for getting it out here.

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