Images in Ads: Do You Like It?

More and more it appears Google is showing images for products in AdWords. It certainly is effective in that it gets your attention. But do you like it? Does it negatively affect the Google search “experience”?

Picture 173

This is the fruit of the introduction of “universal search” on Google.


One Response to “Images in Ads: Do You Like It?”

  1. Mike Bunnell Says:

    There was a post on the Inside AdWords blog about this:

    I think these changes are good, especially the Ad Sitelinks feature:

    They of course have to be careful about avoiding clutter.

    My only concern so far is relavance. The search that you show here is a good example: there are lots of different sony bravia tvs, so when I do a relatively broad (vis a vis SKUs) search like this, showing a particular SKU seems pretty random.

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