Future of Local-Mobile: Your Questions

Picture 85On Thursday at 1 ET/10 Pacific I’m doing a webinar with MobilePeople called “The Future of Location on Mobile Devices: LBS, Apps & Monetization.”

We could talk for eight hours about this cluster of topics but I want to be responsive to where the interest resides. Tell me what questions and areas you’d like to see explored in more detail?

We’ve got a bunch of questions lined up, but let me know what you’re really interested in and we’ll try and focus more on those areas.


2 Responses to “Future of Local-Mobile: Your Questions”

  1. Martin Lawrence Says:

    I’ll sure as hell be attending this webcast!

    Here are the questions I’d love to see covered:
    1. Will today’s search metaphor (Google) continue covering every topic from scientific to entertainment AND integrate real time, social factors and the shift from search to discovery in a way that the user still can grasp? Or will local search on mobile phones evolve into a seperate application?
    -will the personalized nature of mobile phones have local search applications fragment to better serve specialized target-groups (such as Greystripes iPhone-Moms)?
    -will Facebook – or a player building on the Facebook social graph – change the nature of the local mobile search exerience by establishing a “social” local search metaphor? 

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Martin

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