CyWorld: Victim of a ‘Winner Take all Web’?

Probably nobody who reads this blog cares that teenage-girl-centric CyWorld is shutting down. I wrote a reasonably lengthy post about it when the Korean-based social network launched in the US in September, 2006. Back then Twitter wasn’t on the scene and MySpace was the dominant site:

For any new market entrant in the social media/networking space the question of course is: how do you expect to compete with MySpace, et al.?

Picture 53

Well it obviously didn’t/couldn’t. And this seems symbolic to me of the paradox of the increasing “winner take all” nature of the Internet: the vastness of online, especially in the social media realm, is dominated by a small number of sites and everyone else is shut out. But this is not just true of social media where “network effects” are perhaps most pronounced, but in a range of other areas.


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  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    And to illustrate the power of being #1, Facebook is currently adding half a million new users PER DAY according to Mashable:

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