Webcast: What Is Local-Mobile 2.0?

Picture 60Is Local Search solved? Is Local-Mobile? What do the next generation of local-mobile apps look like? Those are among the questions we’ll try and address on a forthcoming Webinar: “The Future of Location on Mobile Devices: LBS, Apps & Monetization.” Here’s the blurb I wrote for it:

LBS and local advertising on mobile devices have been hyped and hailed as the “killer app” for mobile. But are they? Most of the current “local search apps” are lackluster and merely transfer the PC user experience to the mobile device. And most companies building local apps haven’t thought through their strategies very carefully.

What do “Local Apps 2.0” look like? What services and data will they provide? Can the promise of location-aware mobile “discovery” be realized? And how will all this be monetized as a practical matter?

I’ll moderate a discussion with Jeff Porter and Nahid Giga of mobilepeople. I’ve been talking to those guys for some time about this issue and so we decided it would be a good subject for a webcast. I had a very interesting, related conversation with Jens Andersen, CEO and co-founder of mobilepeople about these issues in the yellow pages context specifically at the Local Social Summit I just attended. 

The webcast is next Thursday November 12, 2009 (1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT) If you’re interested, you can register here.


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