Google LSS to Be a Monster (as in Huge)?

In a column today local SEO Master Andrew Shotland analyzes and prognosticates:

At the moment Google social search does not work very well for local search. The algorithm appears to rely heavily on Gmail connections. Combine this with the fact that its hard to find enough relevant social interactions for a large amount of search queries, so Google doesn’t have much to work with for a lot of users.

But you can be sure that with the announcement of a Twitter integration deal and Facebook turning on location-based services, Google social search is going to come out like a monster and the local part of it is going to be huge.

So how can you benefit from this?

First let’s talk about some of the main types of social connections one has on the web:

  • Friends
  • Friends of friends
  • People who are interested in the same niche
  • People who are located in the same geographic area
  • People who you have no connection with (let’s call them “the unfortunates”)

As I mentioned in my Twitter Chamber of Commerce post there is a large opportunity for businesses to increase awareness in their community by simply networking with other businesses via social media like Twitter. But now with the advent of Google social search, the simple act of following or being followed has a ripple effect that could yield dramatic benefits.

Read the full column at Search Engine Land.



3 Responses to “Google LSS to Be a Monster (as in Huge)?”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    Actually I was pretty much just throwing against the fridge to see if it sticks.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I like your risk-taking style.

  3. Andrew Shotland Says:

    There’s a reason why they call me LL LocalSEOGuide

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