Outside.in Becomes ‘Local Search’ Site

Local blog aggregator Outside.in has effectively become a local and neighborhood search engine. The site now features a search box on the home page:

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According to the Outside.in blog:

Our homepage now features a single search box that can tell you what’s happening wherever you are (in the U.S. of course!). This shiny new search engine intelligently combines a few types of searches we’ve offered for awhile (address, neighborhood, ZIP, and city search) and adds a new one (place search). Now we evaluate your query to determine what you’re searching for and show you different results based on your input.

Outside.in founder Steven Johnson further explains:

For the past six months, our team has been working incredibly hard on an entirely new platform for outside.in, one that allows true geographic search at lightning speed. It went live on the site late last week. Now every page at outside.in contains two search fields: “what” and “where.” This lets you do all kinds of queries that are impossible on other platforms that aren’t natively aware of geography. You can do Radar-style queries: show me everything related to “crime” or “playgrounds” within one mile of my home address. You can search an entire neighborhood: “music” or “condos” in Adams Morgan, DC. You can search an entire city for the latest mass transit developments. Or if you’re just looking for a nearby Italian restaurant, or a good pediatrician, you can do that as well.

The results were mixed in terms of quality for several searches I performed. However there were also discussions and information that I found that would have been buried on Google. The site will need to educate people on how to best use it, but this new look and feel is something that people broadly will understand better than they may have understood the previous version(s) of the site.

3 Responses to “Outside.in Becomes ‘Local Search’ Site”

  1. Mark Josephson Says:

    Hi Greg,

    We are really excited about the new platform and site. We are staying true to our roots and trying to share what’s happening in your neighborhood.

    The new platform is based on some search technology. You can read about the tech in more detail here: http://bit.ly/2lsxcz. It really lets us expose some of the fantastic underlying power of what we do.

    Our founder Steven Johnson has a great post on the evolution of local search here: http://bit.ly/4pLeTl

    Now back to work….


  2. Ben Saren Says:

    Outside.in just keeps killin’ it! Love what Mark and his team are doing. We cant wait to start integrating some of their content. Keep up the great work!

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