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Bookfresh (formerly HourTown) has done an interesting deal with blogging platform Typepad that recognizes many small businesses are simply using blogs as a substitute for a conventional website (I do). According to the press release:

The integration allows small business owners using TypePad to put their schedule online, and their customers to book, and even prepay, for appointments. The integration is yet another step by TypePad to provide the tools that small businesses need to run their businesses online using a blog combined with partner functionality . . . 

TypePad customers can create a BookFresh widget by visiting the TypePad widget gallery, opening a BookFresh account and creating a custom widget, which is installed neatly in the side bar of the blog in one simple click. Customers can then sync their schedule, integrate their PayPal account and set contact preferences.

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While the inclination of some of the appointment platform vendors has been to use a performance-based model  (pay-per-booking), Bookfresh CEO Ryan Donahue long ago told me the he thought a flat fee, subscription model would be easier and more successful with SMBs. 

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  1. Scott Says:

    I too think that Facebook pages and Twitter and even blogs will become an SMB’s primary presence on the web. Sooner or later, we will see SMB ad agencies buying ads on Twitter and FB to get followers and fans for their clients. These are far more important than clicks in my opinion.

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